Delaware Residence- Back Yard living space. This patio has a fireplace, low voltage lights on the pillars and walls. A small amount of landscaping for fragrance and color helps to soften and enhance the experience. Stone steps were also installed with a 3' wide landing.
Hilliard Residence- Patio with seating walls, steps, and raised planter

In progress of Main Arbor and Fireplace
 and how to access the back yard from the driveway and upper level of house.
Patios don't need to be extravagant to be pleasant. There are times smaller is better.
Powell Residence- A patio large enough to entertain on as well as a space just for family. An arbor produces enough shade to protect from the sun and the pondless water feature gives the sound of water to relax too. Lighting on the pillars, walls, and in the arbor lights up the night and a bullet light on the rock allows to rock to be hi-lighted.

See this project 2 years later in the Award Winning Tab.
Wall Stone can be used for many purposes. We used tapered fire pit stones to build this grotto.
Custom Designed Arbors and Pergolas can give your patio a special look, then add a grilling area with a bar to sit around makes this feel like home!
Powell area 2 level Patio with raised planters and steps from house. There are 2 ways to get to the lower level either with the path following the grade of the yard, or steps set into planter.
Upper Arlington area Patio, Arbor, Lighting and Kitchen.
Westerville Patio- Fireplace, Grill Enclosure, Hot Tub Enclosure, in a 3 level patio. We had to take the existing slab and enlarge it to accommodate all these features for entertaining. We also rehabbed the front entry.