Majestic Gardens
Our Services
Landscape Design and Planting- Every project begins with the design phase. We measure your property and then present you a scaled design. All designs include plant names, materials for patios, placement of lights, and amount of mulch and topsoil.
Paver Patios- All patios are different and we capitalize on that. Steps from back door to patio. How many levels would you like? Don't forget to add the seating walls either. Let us show you are customized patios!
Water Features- Don't be fooled by the so called experts, these are the least maintenance items in the landscape. Let us show you how by replicating nature. You never have to mess with filters or biofalls. No chemicals or heaters for our ponds, EVER!

Low Voltage Lighting- Every landscape should also be admired at night. Good lighting allows you to see the effects of the lights without seeing the source of the light. With our lighting we accent the landscape and allow you to entertain at night without such brightness that you feel on display for your neighbors to see.

Front Entry Rehab- Most homes do not have adequate traffic patterns to the front door. Allow us to show you how with a little imagination we can transform the appearance of your home into one of beauty and wide sweeping walkways.

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